Recognizing mold

Mold grows very fast and reproduces easily on the surfaces with high humidity and mild temperature. If you found black, brown, orange, pink, or green dots on your bathroom or kitchen walls, on the ceiling or around any plumbing grout or tile, you have mold.

If you have mold in your house, you may want to send some samples to test and find out from an expert what type it is. Not all molds are harmful, and you should make sure that you are not exposed to toxic molds. You can have the air tested, but it can be quite expensive in some instances. It’s worth the effort, as it often helps save your health. Approved testing companies are listed on many internet site with the prices of the services. Make sure that the testing company you have chosen have positive opinions or approvals their thoroughness, value, and efficacy.

The mold removal contractor will visit your house and assess the level of mold with the right equipment.  There are generally three findings that could be the result of the testing acceptable levels of mold, high levels that require removal or, if a very large area of your home is affected by mold, the contractor will suggest mold remediation.

Place with high level of mold infestation