Outfit for mold removal

If you remove even small amounts of mold by yourself, never forget about protective outfit including clothing that covers all of your body, e.g. a suit, rubber gloves and eye goggles. These will prevent your skin against any exposure to spores. To clean the mold you will need basic equipment as scrubbing brush, sponge and plastic sealed bags for the mold removed and parts of mold-infested items. If you have high level of mold, you should wear a medium-efficiency or high-efficiency filter dust mask or respirator to protect against the inhalation of mold spores. For the best protection, you can choose a respirator designed for particle removal such as the model N95 or TC-21C particle respirator.

Protection outfit used during mold removal

Protection outfit used during mold removal services

After mold removal and remediation carefully remove and discard mold into heavy-duty sealed plastic bags and throw it to any landfill. Do not transport the bags throughout the house, especially other clean areas, in order not to risk further spreading and mold return.

If you have the mold cleaned by a company, some of the equipment your mold removal contractor will use includes polyethylene sheet for containment, shop vacuum for wet vacuuming, scrubbing brush for surface mold removal, steam cleaner for deep layers of mold. and a vacuum to protect against mold spores becoming airborne.