Mold evaluation

Before you start a remediation process, you have to evaluate a remediation plan.

It is recommended to rely on professional knowledge and accept the mold contractor’s plan.

Evaluating a remediation plan by team of experts.

Evaluating a remediation plan by team of experts.


You should be very careful while investigating and evaluating mold problem. Never touch the mold-infested areas with bare hands. Try to prevent mold spores from getting in your eyes or mouth.

What is also very important is to make sure that there are no hidden moisture sources in a given room or area. Ask all your neighbors and other occupants if they noticed musty smell. Information about their health may also tell a lot, since such problems like dizziness, skin infections or rashes may be caused by fungi.

Another thing is to check an overall condition of a given building. Try to find out if the building has been remodeled or rebuilt recently or if building materials have been wet.

Pay attention to the condition of furniture. Are there any patches of damp that may indicate high moisture level? And remember, in case of any doubts, before beginning  remediation process consult a health professional.